Will we enjoy a "Steam deck MANJARO spin"?

It seems that Steam deck is having great sells.
That the Steam client for that device is great.
But that some expert liGNUx users would prefer less flatpaks (because of size), and a different kind of distribution.

My opinion is that most people would use whatever comes pre installed, in general.

But I think for those that are picky enough to use liGNUx and in particular MANJARO (that now is the leader back to back with arch between Steam users), having a Steam deck spin, with their special client, and perhaps their kernel or a MANJARO one with their flags, optional too, BUT all the other operating system things, as they are used to with other MANJARO versions would be a great option.

And I think it would be just to add to the KDE ISO the Steam client for de Steam Deck, as a minimum, and many other details if there is a Steam Deck fan maintainer on your staff.

Thanks in advance.

Well, we are working on something … https://twitter.com/fkardame/status/1548783109734293513


Takes a bit of time but boy, Manjaro team never stops giving lovely surprises.

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Thought the steamdeck already shipped with pretty much manjaro; I imagine i was just thinking that because it’s the officially recommended distro by valve for developing for the steamdeck…

Even then though, the current steamos is arch based, can’t be that different from manjaro when it comes down to it.

I really want one :slight_smile:

Can’t afford it and even if I could I probably couldn’t get my hands on it anyways tho :frowning:

Valve created a similar solution as Manjaro does. They use a frozen Arch-base and add their software on top of it. So ya, you could say it is Manjaro minus our tools and kernels. Valve provides their own kernel btw.

We will keep you guys updated when we have something for the Linux gaming market …


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