Will Tp-Link UB500 work on Manjaro?

Hello, I am planning to buy UB500 Bluetooth USB adapter for my PC. Will It work correctly on 5.19 kernel?
Looks like Tp-Link doesn’t support Linux but, as I see, Linux kernel already implemented driver. But some users have problems.

Should I buy it? Maybe there are other inexpensive but high-quality adapters with Linux support?

Hi @BlackBaroness,

Well, I know we don’t really do hardware recommendations here, but this isn’t the same. Right? Right?!

Anyway, this adapter is still relatively new, I think. But eventually my search for information led me here:


Where I found the device id, here in this post is: 2357:060.

So, I used that to check ere:

Which states:

The device is supported by kernel versions 5.16 and newer according to the LKDDb:

So, it shoould be fine to get it, as long as you use a kernel newer than 5.16.

Or, probably install a dkms kernel module that I don’t know where to get.