Will this make a way to install it too?

I found How to Create a Bootable Linux USB Flash Drive? will the .iso Etcher makes have a way to install it when you boot into linux (install icon on the desktop)?

hmm - strange question, me thinks :wink:
It (Etcher) would be pretty useless if it didn’t? …

Ventoy wasn’t mentioned.
(perhaps because the article predates it’s existence? IDK)

It is the most versatile of all the tools I know of.


If you use etcher to write a Manjaro installer ISO to USB then

  • when you start your system using the USB stick
  • when the system has loaded
  • a shortcut to start the installer will be present on the Manjaro desktop you just launched

But you might as well use ventoy as this is a much cleaner way and you don’t have to reformat your stick for each new distro hop.

Oh, I thought it would make a .iso from a OS, then flash it & make it bootable.

Making an ISO from a running system is possible but it requires careful planning - it is not a shortcut on the desktop.

I mean I want to make a bootable .iso that has a way to install it, like the live linux .isos.

To make your own customized Manjaro read on

What is your goal?
What do you want to achieve?

Use a few more words.

This thread here suffers from misunderstandings because you cannot articulate properly what you want to do and how you think you can achieve it.

Oh sorry, I just want to make a bootable live .iso of Manjaro for whrn my HDD goes out. Exactly Is ther how it is now. Do they hav a util that can do this from Windows?

All live media are bootable, by definition.


What you want is:

  1. a backup
  2. a Manjaro live ISO
    which you can use to restore your system from the backup

Creating a live ISO from the system as it is NOW is a whole different procedure and probably above your capabilities.
Not very useful either.

Use Ventoy to get a bootable Manjaro live medium on USB.

yes, you can also use it to (re)install a new system from it

Can I install it to a drive, after I boot into it?

Now you are repeating yourself.

If you want to backup your system before it fails - go get a new disk - large enough to hold your complete system.

Then start clonezilla and clone the disk to the new disk.

When the cloning is done you must reset the UUID on the old disk to avoid conflicts with the new disk when booting.

ensure the following commnad is targeting your old disk - replace sdy with your old disk device name

sudo sgdisk --randomize-guids /dev/sdy