Will qt5-styleplugins be removed from the ISO in the future

I downloaded & installed the most recent ISO (Manjaro 21.2.2 Qonos).

Will qt5-styleplugins be removed from the ISO in the future, since it is now only in the AUR?

===> grep  qt5-styleplugins /desktopfs-pkgs.txt 

Most recent is 21.2.5 on the website.

And as qt5-styleplugins no longer exist in the repo, no profile that has it would be built, so it’s not in the ISO anymore.

Should qt5-styleplugins removed on older installations? Will it break future updates?

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Yes, can be removed.



HHHHmmmm, I was under the impression that Manjaro users should go to the Announcements > Releases Category for information/topics about releases. That is what I have been telling Manjaro users. :confused:

Users can setup notifications in their Manjaro forum profile to Watch First Post in the Announcements > Releases Category. When there is a new release/topic, a user gets a notification indicator under their profile image. Very useful feature built into the Manjaro forum. Also, there is the RSS Feed that can be monitored.

After your reply, I wondered what I got wrong. :confounded: I reviewed the topics in the Announcements > Releases Category and the latest topic Manjaro 21.2.2 Qonos released!.

The Release Announcement for Manjaro 21.2.2 Qonos (the most current release in the category) has an image at the top for 21.2.2, all the links point to 21.2.2. The text about the Download button says Qonos 21.2.2 is now available. I hovered over the Download button, nothing indicated a different release. It wasn’t until I clicked on the Download button that it took me to the web page where it shows 21.2.5 Ornara.

It would be very helpful to Manjaro users, if the forum and the web page were insync. Also, if the Topic title, download links and the Download button all matched.

We was relying on the information in the Announcements > Releases Category (notifications and RSS Feed) and not the text on the web page.

I guess I understand now why @Fabby suggested a script to screen scrape the web page.

I hope the Manjaro Announcements > Releases Category is used in the future and is kept insync with the web page. My question was based on this information.

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I removed it on our productive machine. I use pactree -r PKG as part of the verification process.

I brought it up here because I had seen conversations about it on this forum and had removed it, but when I installed what I thought was the current release on a VM, it was still part of the install. It got caught by our automation.

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