Will open source nvidia driver be installed while choosing open source?

For nvidia driver is open source now,
if choosing open source driver instead of proprietary driver when installing manjaro,
will nouveau or nvidia open source driver be installed?

Only the kernel modules are open-source and it is only for cards 20xx and higher, meaning some older cards are not supported by it. MHWD still works the same it did before when installing GPU drivers:

  • Open-source = AMD, Nouveau, Intel
  • Proprietary = Nvidia

BTW, if classified by community and official, it’ll be less ambiguous.

Both are official and by community at the same time:
MHWD was and is a community project together with Manjaro team.
The drivers are packaged by the team, @Yochanan is dealing with them now. The Nvidia kernel modules are build by the Manjaro Build Server (existing due to a community support) … All are installed from Official Repositories. :wink:

If you refer as “official” from Nvidia, then you are left with the .run file that you get from their site, without the kernel modules …


Yes, for nvidia driver, I mean:
nvidia’s driver = official
nouveau = community

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