Will not install on my Samsung 128 gb USB drive

Installation Failed
External command finished with errors.
Command useradd -m -u -s /bin/bash -c Lp lp finish with exit code 9
Useradd: group lp exist - if you want to add this user to that group, use -g

Don’t understand what “group” are they talking about? I am just trying to install Manjaro on a USB stick to be able to run the program. When following each step there was no mention of any group.
My first post, sorry if I did something wrong asking for help.

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USB drives are much slower than internal SSD / HDD, but if you must, see this tutorial:



fosslinux com/2404/installing-a-updatable-manjaro-linux-on-a-usb-flash-drive.htm
I used the above tutorial I can follow simple instructions. I do not understand your answers being 83 above my head. Is the above tutorial link the same as you are saying?

Don’t have efi on the backup computer it’s using MBR.

All I want to do is install Manjaro KDE someway simply without dual booting on my MBR computer and boot into Linux. After getting Manjaro running a browser, thunderbird, print using MB2720 Canon, Then slowly add all the software I use on my office computer then I will dump Windows 10-11.

I have a 1 TB SSD that I can hook up externally that has a master copy of windows 10 C: for backup emergency for the Office sales order computer.

Thanks for the help.