Will my Pc work without issues with Manjaro?

Hi there! Its me again.

So I have this new Pc, currently running with Windows 11 but Im having some issues. I already have a laptop runinng Manjaro and I havent had any bad experience so far. So , I wanna know if with the following specs I will not have issues with Manjaro if I decide to switch (since I was using only my laptop for almost a year running manjaro and returning to windows feels a bit akward to me, i get use to manjaro)

I will appreciate your response and suggestions.

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
RAM :16 Gb ram
Storage: Primary SSD 256 Gb (OS )
Secondary HDD 1 Tb (files and some games)
Dedicated GPU: Amd rx 5500xt 4 Gb

Most of the time I spent gaming some E Sports (CS:GO , and Valorant , I know the last one is not so linux friendly but I dont have issues not playing it ) , documents, a bit of multimedia and some experiments

I would boot off the live media and run though a few things to make sure they work. For me, when I am testing hardware for Linux, I do the following:

  • Test the Wireless and Ethernet Jacks
  • Test the Mouse Track pad
  • Test bluetooth
  • Test the display
  • If I can, install software and run it.

I don’t think you will have too much problem as the laptop is all AMD based. I’d try the LTS kernel and if things still need help, go to the latest stable one. Worse case, you install Manjaro, find it doesn’t work, and you wipe and go to something else. But I think you will be ok with that hardware.

Another thing I will do is check the Arch Wiki for my particular laptop to see if there are any known issues. Also, searching for the laptop + Manjaro or Arch Linux seems to always get me some good results.

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just little headsup, you would not get HW video decode acceleration with AMD HW on manjaro since of late.

To answer your topic question.

No one can promise you that.

Read on to educate yourself on the possible pitfalls


I agree but also think manjaro will give him less headaches than Windows

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Thanks, I do the same. Before installing Manjaro on my laptop I used the live session and test everything. The only difference is that this is a Desktop Pc.

Thanks, I will take a look. But so far, Manjaro havent been an issue for me on my laptop, and most of the problems are very easy to handle.