Will Manjaro work on my Asus laptop?

Hi, I know it’s a commonly asked thing here, but will Manjaro work on my Asus Vivobook x1500ea ?

It has 8 GB ram , Intel i5 1135g7 and 500 GB Intel SSD

The main thing I’m really concerned about is the wifi

RTL 8821 CE is the wifi card, which distro/image of Manjaro supports it natively ?

And if it is NOT supported what wifi driver should I get and where are they at, like may I get a Download link ?

I hope I won’t bother you with such simple questions…

I’m looking to work in Intellij Ideea and C Lion(but the unstable, CLION EAP version!, NOT THE OG,cuz I cannot pay so much for it, lmao) on Manjaro,

I hope that both can be Downloaded here too, on this distro

By the way… Which version uses less ram and has good Wayland support and is stable too? (I may need it for using 2 screen with this rather craky Intel iris graphics)

Likely, yes.
Put a Live ISO on a USB and test it out.

Looks like there are packages for this in the AUR.
So, its possible there is no ‘works out of the box’ for you … but its also possible these AUR packages are no longer needed with modern kernels.
See the first section :point_up:

intellij-idea-community-edition is in the repos, and many more in the AUR.
Many clion packages are also in the AUR.

For information about the AUR and how to use it:

The only “Big” DE’s that support wayland out of the box are KDE and Gnome.
(this time next year it will be the default for both)
You should choose whichever you like more.
Its generally held that Gnome is heavy and averse to customization.
KDE is QT based (and most people are used to GTK) … and some think it has ‘too many options’.
Desktops are subjective.
Its up to you to make your own decision.
(and this is not the place for opinionated flame wars on such subjects)

Download both GNOME and KDE, try them them out before installing. Then install the one you prefer.

I use KDE Plasma 5… the current release of Plasma. I works with Wayland, with a few minor issues, like App thumbnails not always displaying, and some apps not loading in their designated Workspace.

These should be cleared up when plasma 6 is released.


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