Will Manjaro play nice running as a virtual machine in a Windows system?

I run an OpenSUSE machine but that system is down presently for hardware changes. I am curious about how well Manjaro will work as a Base to build a DAW upon. Will it play nice within a Hyper-V environment? I am wanting to see if it works better than OpenSUSE which is not so fun to get up and running as a DAW. I am essentially wanting to test drive while it is a VM. If not the proper forum, My apologies and move it where best suited.

No doubt, Manjaro is much more better than OpenSuse…i guess i answered your question.

Unless you plan on using VirtualBox - don’t expect much success - that is unless you are willing to do some manual troubleshooting.

Manjaro can be made to work with VMware but HyperV is a miss.

Please search the forum - because the question has been asked before.

TL:DR - VirtualBox works - the other not.