Will Manjaro automatically install all drivers

I currently use windows 8.1 pro build 9600 which pretty much sucks but my Dad also uses this PC and he is not very good with changes so I decided to dual boot both. My question is will manjaro automatically install all the drivers I need and not just the GPU drivers but also every thing else like audio drivers, touchpad drivers and other stuff.
And also I know I didn’t include this in the topic but will the two finger scrolling still be available in Manjaro.
Thanks in advance for anyone who helps

I have also dual booted in my pc it works out of the box (actually that is what manjaro means).It works fine I didnt need to install any drivers.But nvidia drivers need to be installed (if not automatically installed) from system settings and and hardware configuration right click on the driver which you want to install and click install.


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Barring any exotic hardware that requires proprietary drivers, you should have no worries. Most motherboards ─ whether laptops or desktops ─ nowadays come with some variant of the Intel Azalia codec on board for sound, which is supported by a Free & Open Source Software driver that is already part of the kernel.

Most network drivers are also automatically detected and correctly set up ─ again, barring anything proprietary. Nvidia hardware is detected at installation time, and you should normally have the option to either go with the freely licensed nouveau driver or with the proprietary nvidia driver.

As for the two-finger scrolling, I myself don’t know the answer to that, because I’m using a desktop computer. But I suspect that it’s supported. :wink:


I think two finger scrolling should work but if it doesn’t work refer this page they provide a fix Enable Touchpad Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling - Manjaro