Will Kwin ever get a vulkan renderer?

It would be really great to have a Vulkan renderer for the compositor, Vulkan is less resource intensive than OpenGL and performance is much better mainly in AMD gpus.

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It would seem that there is a chance… For the foreseeable future at least.

Experiments Are Underway With Vulkan Powering The KDE Plasma Shell

Edmundson noted of the KDE Plasma shell Vulkan experience, "Despite it being a preview it is in a damn good state! Things are usable, and really quite snappy, especially notification popups.

The longtime KDE developer concluded in his blog that this Vulkan support for the Plasma shell is unlikely to ever be officially supported with Plasma 5. This prep work, however, is promising and likely will be delivering a native Vulkan experience with KDE Plasma 6.


vulkan would be better if you have hdr10 and or 10 bit display panels and even android uses vulkan for it’s windowing system if the devices hardware supports vulkan

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