Will kernel 5.10 be supported as LTS?

Kernel 5.10 marked as LTS on kernel.org. I want to know, if it will be supported by Manjaro as LTS? If yes, I’ll stay on it in next 6 months as minimum.

Manjaro’s LTS kernels follow the upstream kernel.org LTS. So yes, 5.10 will be an LTS in Manjaro.


It seems it has been out for Arch for almost a week now, anyone know when it will get to Manjaro?
Even Ubuntu has 5.10 now. Ubuntu 21.04 Is Now Powered by Linux 5.10 LTS, Wayland Enabled by Default - 9to5Linux

Also I’m using 5.10 for many months now…

ok but when will it be provided as an update via Pacman?

Refer to diagram.

Diagram describes process not timeframe.

Yes. It also explains that updates from Arch need to be tested in two different branches before landing on Stable. If you understand the process you understand there is no time frame, as this is not a security update that needs to be fast tracked. So it will come after being tested on Unstable, then tested on Testing.

Also as said, Linux 5.10 is in Manjaro for many months already (I have 5.10.15 currently, 5.10.18 is in Unstable currently see Manjaro - Branch Compare). Being marked as LTS doesn’t really change anything.

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