Will KDE's "start menu" slow mouse hover ever get fixed?

It’s been months and hovering over category names in Start menu and it’s instantly responsive, but if you hover mouse over the categories, but more to the right, outside the category text/name, it’s slow and unresponsive making use of start such a chore as you have to move mouse over the categories buttons text specifically, otherwise it just doesn’t respond to mouse hover fast enough and it just ends up being as mess. It’s a very fundamental thing that should be working absolutely perfectly, yet it doesn’t for some reason. Been using Manjaro KDE for months now and I love it, but this unresponsive “Start” menu really annoys me every single time I use it.

Which one are you using?

  1. Application Dashboard
  2. Application Launcher
  3. Application Menu
  4. Simple Menu

I use Application Menu and it doesn’t seem to have the problem you described.

Your question really should be directed to the KDE devs, nobody here can know for sure. Perhaps file a bug report https://bugs.kde.org

I have both Application Launcher as well as Excalibur Menu, which is 3rd party, I know, and neither of them have any issues whatsoever.

Also KDE software are developed, and thus fixed, by the KDE team. You may want to check KDE’s bug tracker instead.


Check this:

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