Wiki printing documentation omission

The wiki instructions mention installing package manjaro-printer then go on to give instructions which require a further undocumented package installation system-config-printer. This should be added.

Meta-issue: I would have made the change myself, but the account creation page repeatedly rejects 100% correct submissions (AFAICT) with an error regarding a (non-existent) captcha. The real-human-test field, which I’m guessing is what the error really refers to, should contain the URL of this site (I’m forbidden to include the URL here, I now find), should it not? If so, there seems to be a defect somewhere in the stack that is causing these rejections. At the very least, the error message is misleading.

The meta-issue above seems like it was related specifically to the question about the forum URL. I re-tried registration starting from a freshly-loaded home page and this time the question was about the main distro variant, which I guess I answered correctly, because the process completed successfully. Maybe the form was expecting the scheme part of the URL?

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So you’re all set as an editor of the wiki? If yes, I’ll close this thread.

Just saw your edit and approved it


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