Wiki points to wrong url - real content is in the archived forum

Wiki contains incorrect url.

At the bottom of the page titled, “Manjaro Mirrors” at

There is a bullet item titled, “How to setup a Manjaro mirror server using Architect”.

The current url points to the current forum at, which has a title, "During a call my “interlocuteur” can’t listen me.

But the real content is in the archived forum at

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You can always fix something on the wiki yourself by creating an account and publishing your changes. They are then reviewed by the “wiki mods” and “merged” (are there any other words for this? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I have fixed this for now. Might take some days to show up in the wiki though.


Might not. :wink:

@papajoke is a ninja. :smile:

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