WiFi stops working, then will not restart

I have installed Ubuntu, Fedora, and now Manjaro. All three do the same thing. After install WiFi and really everything else works great on my Surface 3 tablet computer. Then for some reason the WiFi disconnects, and to make it worse it stops allowingAnd you have to reboot to get it back on. Its like its learning the security threat and shuts it off the system to display the available WiFi networks again so I could try reconnecting. It almost like a security program identifies it and shuts it off. And the weird thing is it stays on after the initial install for like a half hour, then you have to reboot to get it back, then it stays on for 15 minutes, reboot, then it only stays on for 5 minutes, reboot, it shuts off after just a minute or two. Its almost like its a security program learning and blocking the WiFi. I am not a linux pro by any means. Just 2 months old

Despite stating it 3 times, I rather doubt thats the case. Please provide system information.

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