Wifi problems with Manjaro

Hello! I recently installed Manjaro Linux on a separate partition to dual boot and keep my MacOS for normal everyday stuff whilst keeping all my programming stuff specifically in Manjaro. It was very easy to install and I really liked it. However, after a few minutes, I realized my Wifi connection was way below what the usual speed is. I usually have a download speed of like 15mbps to 20mbps but with Manjaro I’d be extremely lucky to even reach 10mbps. I was fine with it to be honest. I don’t mind slower internet than usual. However, the next day (today), I booted into Manjaro but it wouldn’t even find any wifi connections. I checked the Wifi settings and it shows my Wifi connection, however it doesn’t want to connect. Now I can’t connect to any wireless connection and can’t do my usual work. Is there any way to fix this?