Wifi problems on testing branch

What about WiFi not connecting automatically at the start of the system? Anybody got this issue? I have an Intel CPU and AMD GPU.

Which Kernel version were you using when WIFI was working,
and which kernel version are you using now?
Also, what is the output of your inxi -N ?
CPU and GPU have nothing to do with WIFI.

WiFi worked OK till the Testing Update of 01.08.24
It started work OK (connects automatically at the start of the system) after the Testing Update of 01.10.24 but only on 6.6.10-1 kernel, not on 6.7.0-0 kernel.

kernel67-headers are installed.

My current kernel is 6.6.10-1

My Network devices are as follows:

Device-1: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet driver: r8169
Device-2: TP-Link Archer T2U PLUS [RTL8821AU] driver: rtl8821au type: USB

I see you are using a driver from the AUR.
I used to use this driver too for an external USB WIFI card I had bought some time ago.
The driver is really good, but is developed by one person, so you might have to keep an eye on their project page to see when they add proper support for this new kernel.
It seems they did add support 2 months ago, but that was when the 6.7 kernel was still under development, so some code might have changed since then. You might want to report this to them.
This is the project page: https://github.com/morrownr/8821au-20210708
And the commit/development log page: https://github.com/morrownr/8821au-20210708/commits/main/

Anyhow, this is normal when using brand new kernels.
Some drivers (or modules) are updated only a few days after the release of the very first stable version, so it might just need time.
You can stay on the 6.6 Kernel (which is LTS btw) until the developer adds proper support for 6.7 (if you insist in updating to the very latest kernel)

Are kernel66-headers also installed?

Try kernel 6.7.x

Kernel66-headers are installed, kernel67-headers are installed.
Kernel 6.7.0-0 - No Wi-Fi.
Kernel 6.6.10-1 - Wi-Fi works. It connects automatically when the system starts.

did you try with this driver? AUR (en) - rtl8821au-dkms-git

I installed the driver AUR (en) - rtl8821au-dkms-git, but it did not help. Still no wifi while using 6.7.0-0 kernel.

Rolled back to 6.6.10-1 - WiFi works OK.

There is some issue with wifi on 6.7. Maybe 6.7.0-1 might fix it

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OK! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help and support!

I’ve just installed kernel 6.7.0-1. Wi-Fi works! It connects smoothly at the start of the system. No more issues! Thank you very much!

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