Wifi problem after installing school software

TL;DR: my user can’t connect to most Wi-Fi networks

Hello there,
I have been using this computer for the past 3 months and had no issue with it. When classes started back, I installed the piece of software that is supposed to improve quality of service with my school’s Wi-Fi (improvement being very needed) which uses the Eduroam network.
After launching the python script that the administration gave me, I found myself unable to connect to any other network than theirs (without any of the promised improvement, but I can live without this). This means I cannot connect to my home Wi-Fi, or my mobile data sharing.

If anyone has any idea, I am basically unable to work because of this. If needed I’ll give more info in the following post

So more information:

  • Wi-Fi hardware: “Intel 6 AX200”
  • Running KDE 5.25 with a bunch of small hiccups on the main users. Some of which are shared and others not
  • the script I referred to comes from : https://cat.eduroam.org/ (it contains school-specific data, so I’d rather not send it). It was a python script I was asked to execute normally.
  • since I installed their script I often encounter a “A stop job is running for User Manager for UID 30000” message that lasts for 2 minutes when shutting down or rebooting
  • When connecting to a Wi-Fi through the default KDE GUI it gets stuck on stuck on “Waiting for authorization” then returns an error notification saying:
Failed to get secret for #######
Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application 
did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, 
the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. 

(edit it now gets stuck on configuring interface and doesn’t send any other message)
I have this in my NM status:

no secrets: No agents were available for this request.
state change: need-auth -> failed (reason 'no-secrets', sys-iface-state: 'managed')
  • Also, interestingly, I cannot edit an entry in my “Connections” tab, the apply button is grayed out and hitting okay does not save the changes. I can edit the school’s network information, but not the other entries. (edit : I did not really do anything apart from rebooting or restarting service but now I can edit everything)

So far I tried to :

  • remove the ca.pem file created by the installer
  • test it with multiple networks, some of which were known and others not
  • removing the registered connections (manually)
  • rerun the installer in case it did not finish
  • removed the network manager config file
  • uninstall the network manager and reinstall it
  • creating another user does actually the same thing

perhaps you could share that script -
or a link to it - because there appear to be many site specific scripts at the URL you gave
so that knowledgeable people here could know what it did, what it changed
and also describe how you ran it - what did you do to “apply” that script?

Well for that I’d rather not give it because it contains private information (my school and stuff) and I updated the rest of the info on the message as you suggested, Thank you very much !

you could edit that out

As it is, no one knows what the script did, nor how you ran it.

The (kinda) personal info in it is rather irrelevant (and easily removed) - but what it does/did may well be.

Can you not simply delete this or even all your connections - and start afresh?

I already deleted all of my connections (manually, by deleting the network manager config file and by uninstalling/reinstalling the network manager).
For the script, the problem is it is 40 Kb of python Code and I don’t really see myself parsing through it to find everything.
(I updated the information accordingly)

… but you do know there is personal info in it
and because of it you do not want to share - in order for others to assess it ^^


I can try to get it without specifying my school. I’ll come back in a second.

I’m very likely NOT the one who can properly assess what problems the running of the script might have caused you.

I was just “begging” you for relevant information - in order for others to be able to help.

Gotcha. I got the script for another university, how should I send it?

a pastebin sevice - and post the link to it

if it’s for another uni then you can just provide the link to where you got the script

Here it goes:

But so apart from the fact that this script (referred to as the “linux script”, which was probably made with debian-based distro in mind) caused some problems, isn’t there any way of resetting the network configuration the differs between my main user and the freshly created one and causes the main user to be stuck on “Waiting for authorization”?

this is what “worries” me

using a file manager that is capable of displaying two directories side by side
(don’t know whether or how KDE Konqueror can do this)
or a very simple terminal file manager such as mc
compare the contents of the /home/$user/.config directories

There must be a difference.

and/or examine

I’m not familiar with KDE and where it might store such things.

Okay, so I’ve carried some more extensive testing on the second user. It could connect to a mobile hotspot once, but now it’s freaking out like the first one…
I updated the posts above

All I can say is:
there are quite a few posts here dealing with Eduroam networks and how to set them up
using NetworkManager and other tools.

Can’t remember that running a script was used to do that.

… don’t know what the script that you ran did - but if you ran it not as root it should not have affected anything outside your users config
but then again - the only config for NetworkManager I know of is in and below /etc/NetworkManger
which users have access to

If deleting the connection
and starting over (without the script) does not help
then I don’t know


If you where already connected to that network and it was working
then I cannot see how any script could have “improved quality”
… a connection works, or it doesn’t …
a script “improving quality” seems very strange to me

Improving quality means that before installing the script you would get deconnected every minute or so, and have a very low bandwidth (speaking about less than 1 kb.s-1). So I thought I’d just follow the instructions that my school (and eduroam) provide.
Thank you for your help, maybe someone else has encountered such weird issue :sweat_smile:

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Hey, No, I stopped trying to understand what was going on (I had a very bad experience with my computer needing a lot of time to reboot due to user 30 000). In the end, I ditched this install and took it on me to waste a few days reinstalling everything I need for my classes … I still cannot understand how a script can pollute a computer this way (even to the point where uninstalling and reinstalling the network manager doesn’t do anything).
If anyone finds this thread in any near or distant future I wish him the best of luck!

Why not find exact settings your organization is using and add them manually to NM?

The last time I had such a problem with a school laptop, I just reinstalled the system) But I’m sure there is an easier solution.