Wifi not working on macbook pro 2013

I have a macbook pro late 2013 retina 13 inch, and am very new to Linux. When I boot manjaro from a usb everything works except for the wifi. Some people have said I need drivers? Im just looking for a solution.

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Can you please post which chip you have?

Just type sudo inxi -Nxxxa into your terminal and copy&paste it here as code.

Thank you!

BCM 4360 802.11ac

This is Mine and I cant get it to work either! I just did a fresh install

  Device-1: Broadcom and subsidiaries BCM4360 802.11ac Wireless Network 
  vendor: Apple driver: N/A modules: bcma port: efa0 bus ID: 03:00.0 
  chip ID: 14e4:43a0 
  Device-2: ASIX AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet type: USB driver: ax88179_178a 
  bus ID: 2-1:3 chip ID: 0b95:1790 serial: 0000051BC2F1A1

I had a similar issue. All I need was installed the 5.4 LTS Drivers. It may involve some trial and error but I eventually got mine working.

hi @trevor,

did you check the “manjaro-settings-manager” if there is driver available?
You can check it on the terminal with mhwd -l

At least you would need the wl module which need to be installed. Depending on your kernel, you need to choose the correct module. This is for example the one for version linux58:

pamac install linux58-broadcom-wl

Further information here: Broadcom wireless - ArchWiki

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