WiFi not showing on KDE Plasma

I have installed Manjaro KDE Plasma on a 2008 iMac 8,1. I am currently using an ethernet connection for internet access but would like to have wifi as well. The wireless card is a Broadcom BCM4321. Hardware Configuration shows that the network-broadcom-wl driver is installed. However, the wifi system tray icon does not show up and the Network Connections in system settings does not show a wireless connection. I need support on enabling the wifi. Thanks.

Coud you try:

  • Disabling/uninstalling the network-broadcom-wl (from the Hardware Configuration Menu)
  • Install broadcom-wl-dkms package and reboot (note that this driver is not open-source)

I removed the -wl driver and installed the -wl-dkms driver but there was no change. I still have no wireless connection showing up. Any other ideas? Thanks