Wifi network no longer recognized after re-pluggin USB Wifi dongle

I am using Manjaro on a PC with an USB Wifi dongle. I connected to a local WiFi network and specified the WPA2 password when I was asked for it on first usage. Everything worked fine. The system automatically reconnected to that WiFi after each login/reboot.
Now I noticed that when unplugging the WiFi dongle and replugging it into a different USB port the system no longer automatically reconnects to that WiFi network. I can manually select it and provide the WPA2 password as if I were connecting to it for the first time.
While this is not a severe issue, it is still annoying and contrary to what I would expect.
My assumption is that the USB Wifi dongle is seen as a different device by the system when plugging it into a different USB port, and that WiFi networks are remebered per device only.
Is this the reason why this happens? If so, can Manjaro be taught to remember WiFi network information globallby and not just per device?

If it was a normal USB drive, a mount point could be assigned for that specific drive; however, I’m uncertain if the same basic principle could be relevant to a USB dongle. If that was the case, it would certainly solve the problem.

I’ll leave someone else to carry on with that theme, if it’s a viable solution; I have places to be. Cheers.