Wifi is connect but there is no internet

Hi everyone
I just installed manjaro and everything seem to be working fine untill I installed laravel-valet after that my laptop is connect to the wifi but there is not internet. I change the nameserver in the reslove.conf to Google DNS after that I restart the network manger but It revert back the resovl.conf to the default nameserve
Is there a way where I can make the change permanent
Thanks in advance

In this recent thread here I described how to do it
(changing the DNS server used)
via NetworkManager Gui.

Editing /etc/resolv.conf will not work (at least not permanently) as it is overwritten each time by NetworkManager. The file is controlled by it.

… or change it in your router’s admin interface - if you can
then no local changes are necessary
and it applies to all devices connected through it …