Wifi goes down after some time


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My (very) bad. Fixed now, thank you!


Can you explain, why this error happens???

I’m unsure, but according to what I understand from the Arch wiki, it’s because the NIC goes into power-saving mode. Or something like that anyway.

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Thank you for your eagerness. I’ve been trying to solve this problem for 3-4 months now.
But I haven’t found any clues. But you could find this clue in a day :slight_smile:

The Arch wiki is your friend!

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It still doesn’t work :disappointed_relieved:. But this repo doesn’t support rtl8723be. I’ve already come to terms with this error, and I think that the best solution is rebooting.

sorry for wasting your time

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No time wasted. I’m just sorry I can’t help more.