Wifi extender issue

have an issue trying to connect to my 2.4g wifi extender. I can connect to the router/gateway it services just fine, just not the extender. The extender is a TP-Link AC750 Dual Band. and I am running the current Manjaro/Cinnamon with the 5.8.11 kernel. Any ideas why it does not like the extender?

If it connects fine to the router, I guess the problem lies in the repeater config.

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It’s a piece of :poop: and so are all WiFi extenders. A WiFi extender “works” by capturing an existing WiFi signal and rebroadcasting it further on. So what you need to do is to install it where you have an excellent WiFi signal and then it’ll re-broadcast an excellent WiFi signal.

If you install it where you have a crappy WiFi signal, it’ll re-broadcast a… well… crappy signal!

So you’re better off:

  • pulling a cable from your router to where you don’t have any signal and then hook up a WiFi Access Point. (2 pieces of hardware)
  • Installing 2 PowerLan Adaptors if you have excellent electricity cabling and hook up one to the Access Point and one to the router. (3 pieces of hardware)