Wifi adapter RTL8821CE and black screen after reboot

Hi …

I have a HP 255G7 with the WLAN module: RTL8821CE.

The following problem occurs. I am installing the rtl8821ce-dkms package together with the headers for Kernel 5.8.

  1. sudo pacman -S linux58-headers
  2. yay -S rtl8821ce-dkms

This goes so far without any problems :slight_smile:

But after a restart my screen remains black. The system won’t start anymore, no matter how often I try.

I am new to the Linux world and have no idea what I can do.

I have already reinstalled Manjaro twice and am now looking for help in the forum.

Thanks a lot

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have tried the other package in the meantime: rtl8821ce-dkms-git. Still without success …

I can still access the tty and log in. The journalctl says something about:

lightdm.service: Failed with result and failed to start Light Display Manager.

I still don’t understand why the “Light Display Manager” doesn’t work after installing the rtl8821ce-dkms-git package …

Does anyone have an idea what I can do now? Reinstall again and simply using Ethernet is not a solution …

Have checked systemctl

systemctl --failed

lightdm.service loaded failed failed
systemd-backlight@backlight:acpi_video0.service loaded failed failed
systemd-backlight@backlight:amdgpu_b10.service loaded failed failed

A solution for everyone with the same problem on XFCE and HP255G7/RCRTL8821ce:

  1. Install manjaro-xfce-20.1.1-201001-linux58
  2. sudo pacman -Syu
  3. sudo pacman -S base-devel
  4. sudo pacman -S linux58-headers
  5. yay -S rtl8821ce-dkms-git
  6. sudo pacman -S --needed sddm
  7. sudo systemctl disable lightdm
  8. sudo systemctl enable sddm
  9. reboot

I could still log in via the tty with the commands:

systemctl enable lightdm.service
systemctl start lightdm

Changed the display manager because:
systemctl --failed
“lightdm.service failed”

It’s obvious there was an issue with its installation and or configuration but its work with sddm.

Wlan works fine …

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