Wifi adapter not found in dualboot system

I have a dual boot system of Manajaro KDE and Windows 10. I have hibernation and fast startup disabled on Windows.

This problem is frequent, and happens when I switch OSes to and from Manjaro and Windows. Although some random reboots solved the problem earlier, it isn’t happening this time.

I have run rfkill list all and it doesn’t lists out my wifi adapter.
I have also run inxi -Fxxza, and that doesn’t list out my wifi adapter either.
Attaching the outputs of both these commands in the form of images.

This problem used to occur only on Linux, and rarely on Windows 10. But now it is happening on both the Operating Systems.

Hello @system1410 :wink:

If you don’t switch off ethernet/wifi at the UEFI, then i fear the chip died. If it is an onboard one check this:

sudo dmidecode --type baseboard

I apologise, but what should I look for in the output of this command?

On Board Device 3 Information Type: Ethernet Status: Enabled Description: WLAN
I do see this in the output though

Yes, thats the direct output of your BIOS/UEFI… So you enabled it… i guess the chip just died, you will need to replace it.

that’s tragic. How do I verify that my chip died? is there a way? I mean, it can’t just die like that, its been only 2 years for this laptop x(

There might be an error in the journal:

journalctl -p 3 -xb

or maybe watch this:

journalctl -b -u NetworkManager