Widget Glitch in Panel On KDE Orange Pi 4LTS

I dont know if this is a known bug, but the resource monitor fork widget and the thermal monitor widget available from the store have glitched in the recent release from @spikerguy, I dont think its his fault or any error of his, just wondering if this is something other people have encountered and if this can be sorted by a simple settings adjustment. The resource monitor doesn`t show activity, and neither does the thermal monitor.

Not sure by what you mean, can you try to record it and upload it on YouTube so we can see.

Seems working here (86_64 Unstable)


Heya guys,

It’s running fine on my X86 machines, it possibly could be due to the Op4lts systems difference. I’ve had to wipe the KDE version install and go with the XFCE4 one as it crashed twice on me then wouldn’t boot to a desktop. I think it’s possibly the widgets I use conflicting with the system boot process… Don’t worry… Not a Biggie but just wanted to let you know. The widgets I use normally are the Resource Monitor (fork) and the Thermal Monitor from the download system.

If plasma is funky then this can be a good idea: