Widget Factory for gtk2 on Arch/Manjaro?

I’m re-working on my custom gtk theme for XFCE, and I need to test the gtk2 theme.
I have gtk3-widget-factory, but I cannot find the equivalent for the gtk2, and I know that it exist.
How I can install it?

You are probably looking for awf-git package from AUR; is a theme preview application for gtk2 and gtk3, different than gtk3-widget-factory.

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This is what I’m looking for

thewidgetfactory is long dead, no longer available and was never in the Arch repos or AUR. awf-git is the closest you’ll get. It’s also dead and no longer developed.

The easiest way to proceed is come to terms with the fact that GTK2 is deprecated and move on to GTK3 / 4.

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and this is from awf github GitHub - valr/awf: A Widget Factory

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