Widevine support for ARM

This post is only for ARM users where there is no possibility to install widevine directly through the browser (Google does not provide official support at this time) or with an official manjaro package.
Until now, it was possible to use an AUR package. This package has now been removed as it is no longer useful for x64 architectures, as explained here :
Deletion Request for widevine from AUR
For information, the link to the maintainer’s repository is as follows :
It provides widevine support from a pkgbuild, tested with a 4k and 16k kernel on RPI5.


Since you’re referencing an AUR package that has nothing to do with Manjaro let alone ARM, I’ve moved the topic to AUR.

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thank you for providing the link!
is there a way to use this on manjaro arm stable? it requires glibc>=2.39 while version 2.35-5.1 is in stable and testing.

i changed line 18 in PKGCONFIG to glibc>=2.35, built the package, logged out and in again and restarted firefox and chromium – as stated there – twice. on firefox the

Plugin WidevineCdm crashed

chromium does give errors on the bitmovin test page but does not state if the plugin crashed.

i guess glibc version is a hard requirement and put there for a reason. there’s a python script that binary patches something with the glibc ABI that’s likely the culprit. if i knew how to access previous version on that repo i would have tried to build older versions :thinking: i don’t have much experience with aur or git.

Older glibc is not compatible without patching it.
you can try glibc-widevine

The python script is mainly for 16k kernel compatibility.