Wi-Fi - specific connection randomly slow

When I moved to my apartment, the internet was just fine without any issues really. After a while me and my wife experienced slow speeds and instability. The landlord managed to remedy this by installing a Google Nest in our apartment, and now the connection was just fine.

But at seemingly random periods, sometimes lasting several days, it seems my PC specifically experiences super-slow network speeds. I’ve registered this behaviour both in Manjaro and in Windows. My network card is built into the motherboard, which is a B450I GAMING PLUS AC. I’d be happy to provide whatever info is needed!

If it is experienced across multiple devices and operating systems it is likely the network itself is misconfigured …

But to look at your system, use this:
How to provide good information

usual dumb tech-support remedy sometimes works, turn off and on the wifi adaptor from the status bar

It used to be all our devices, but that was caused by the reciever beeing too far away from us. Now it’s only my PC that experiences these issues, and I just can’t figure out what is happening :thinking:I’ll post my specs to clarify any hardware-issues as soon as I can, tyty :+1:

I forgot to mention that I’ve atempted this, ofc! I’ve tried disconnect/reconnect, disable and enable network adapter, rebooting my PC, forgetting the network and reconnecting.