Wi-fi is off when switching back from Windows 10

I have two partions in my desktop, one with Manjaro and other with Windows 10.

My wi-fi adapter is always off when I start Manjaro, this only happens when I switch back from Windows, then I have to manually remove from my case and plug it in again.

My computer:
Kenel: 5.4.159-1 Manjaro 64 bits (although that also happens in 5.10)
KDE Plasma: 5.23.3
CPU: i5-8400

Always shutdown Windows Completely in a dual boot setup. Make sure that Windows Fastboot, hibernation and Hybrid Sleep are disabled as well.


Thanks for replying.

I remember a few months ago I did not have that problem in Manjaro and also I would like to preserve the settings in Windows ( it is always good to have that fast startup).

Is it any way to have the wi-fi always on without modifying Windows?

it should be possible as I said in the past Manjaro always used to turn on the wi-fi device.