Wi-Fi Hotspot available in Manjaro XFCE?

I remember installing Manjaro KDE in another computer and being able to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot, with no needed configuration, working just fine. My doubt is: how to do it in Manjaro XFCE? Is that something too hard to configure?

Both uses Network Manager - so it will work the same.

But it depends on whether your WiFi card supports AP mode.

If it does you can configure it as you did previously.

I use XFCE, there is no link from Network Manager. Instead I run it from the app menu > System > Wi-Fi Hotspot.

To get it I had to install package linux-wifi-hotspot which is in AUR.

My setup is old, maybe for you its part of Network Manager instead?

I use a USB wifi adaptor to run the hotspot.

In XFCE, it can be accessed via the NetworkManager applet in your panel. Just click on the network symbol in your panel and choose “Create New WiFi Network…” .

It is not necessary to install extra packages, it is part of NetworkManager.

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not hard to configure, no

… the card in that particular machine
might be capable - or it might not be

Thanks for the tips on NetworkManager. I gave it a try, after a lot of fails the closest I got was similar to this article: Sharing your WiFi connection with a NetworkManager hotspot

  • Setup a hotspot connection with Edit Connections
  • Start the hotspot with nmcli connection up Hotspot
  • My phone (old android) could see the hotspot but failed to authenticate.

I’ll continue using the Wifi hotspot package instead.

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My device tp link(atheros) which always works as an access point, is failing for a long time in xfce , I think because they changed allow DHCP.

dhcp esta desactivado y antes cuando funcionaba estaba activado.