Why was the release of XFCE stopped?


Why was the release of XFCE stopped in Dev 20240504 and Dev 20240506 ?

This is a terrible, reckless decision! :hot_face:

please remember that all this distros rely on the free-time of the developers and you must not expect that they give up their lives only for your pleasure.
reckless is to blame them !


Don’t sacrifice anyone’s life! :hot_face:
You just need to turn on your brain. And to understand that if it is so difficult to support several multiple environments, you need to choose the easiest one to build, i.e. XFCE.
And not a huge monster KDE which is much more difficult to collect and which is much more voracious to resources.
KDE is designed for entertainment and your enjoyment.

While I agree KDE has a lot of bells and whistles, it is also extremely customizable and it’s certainly possible to make it very lightweight. In fact, I’ve read that it’s more lightweight than Xfce. How true this is, I don’t know.

That said, I was not aware that development on any version stopped. I do think, however, that things are going a bit, or a lot slower on the ARM versions.


For example, I tried comparing Kubuntu vs. Xubuntu to check the resource usage. It appears that the memory usage is about the same.

KDE vs Xfce: Comparing Lean and Mean Desktop Environments

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The problem is not only in memory consumption.
A more important problem is the huge, heavy, difficult-to-control code in KDE and, as a result, multiple troubles.
KDE was great in version 3, I also enjoyed using it.
But later. when developers switched to version 4, it turned into monstroidal an abomination, from which the developers still haven’t finally gotten out.
Therefore, some KDE developers who disagreed with this harmful policy split off and created a fork of Trinity.
This action of theirs explains and proves a lot!

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By not releasing a new ISO for the moment I would not deduct that ARM Xfce is not mainained any more, so calm down. Your wording is completely inappropriate. As Olli mentioned you are using a free software product, have not paid a cent so they owe you nothing, capito?


I even agree to pay a little extra for the continuation of the release XFCE.
Because if XFCE is not released anymore, I will unfortunately be forced to return to the to the suspicious and problematic Armbian.

Have fun :wave:

There is way too many boards each with their own way of doing things and there is far too few working with ARM.

If you have a working installation - for a specific board - simply clone that card - @Craft your own - strip it down - build it up - you still got a working copy to fall back to … share your work … that is the true spirit … the consumer :shopping_cart: broke the wheels years ago.

SuSE was build around KDE back in the late 90’ies - I wasn’t good until 5.27 and with 6.0 it is getting there - that is - if you don’t rice it too much - but that goes for everything.

I much prefer LXQt over XFCE - and combining LXQt with kwin - that is a great combo.

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KDE isn’t a monster… it’s just misunderstood. :sweat_smile:


If Manjaro gave up on KDE for XFCE I would be like Craft, except not so dramatic. I just move on to another distro.

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Like I did when Mint dropped their KDE version. (I still use Mint, just not on my “production” machines).

I really like LXDE, and have been working on it for a long time. Then it was crossed with Razor-qt, and the result was LXQT.
I didn’t like what happened as a result of the merger at all, and I had to switch to XFCE.

There is neither LXDE nor LXQT here. And now even XFCE has disappeared, this was is the last hope among good and fast DE.

There’s nothing else to work on. The beginning of the stagnation of the Manjaro ARM project is obvious :nauseated_face:

Or maybe it just takes some time which the person(s) maintaining it currently don’t have …

I’m not familiar with Manjaro ARM - can it not be updated to the current version of packages?
Does it take installing a new image all the time?
I would not have thought so.

Since this topic is an unproductive rant, I’m closing it.

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Everyone made their own opinion and none tagged the official developer of those image that is me :smiley:

And the reason was to just generate a single image for testing as I did not have time to wait for all the images to load. I will put them back to build all supported DE as normal.

The OP being judgemental about the decision directly attacked the decision without even waiting for any response from the dev.

I just had free time now to read the forum and this is what I see that everyone seems to be making their own assumptions without actually asking the real developer.

Anyways will make this public and close this thread.