Why was firefox updated? What Manjaro path did it follow?

On 3-18 there was a Stable Update. Firefox 86.0.1 was installed.

There is a current Manjaro Update that will install firefox 87.0-0.1.

Did that package follow the Manjaro flow? In other words, how did this package (for example), get from Arch Linux to Manjaro Stable?

Is it correct to say, not all Manjaro updates get an Announcement on this forum?

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Due to security concerns, it is extra important to keep browsers up-to-date. The Manjaro team will often push browser updates independent of the regular Stable Updates.


It isn’t always Firefox, it just happened to be the case this time. But you’re say’n whenever there is an official Mozilla Firefox upgrade it’ll be immediately available for installation by Manjaro, no announcement.

On Manjaro KDE, I’m also seeing kiconthemes and thunderbird too.

There isn’t a Manjaro Announcement Category for Security updates. I’m not sure if it is the right place, but I’ve been watching the feed Security/Overlay activity. Just curious how Manjaro works, so I can pass it on…

So in this case Thunderbird, Firefox, and kiconthemese were security fixes?
They came from archlinux to unstable to stable-update.

The Security/Overlay activity description is “Group for short-term packaging changes for security-related updates or fast-tracked overlay packages.” Why didn’t those packages appear in the Security/Overlay activity?

I guess I need to follow the Archlinux Security Avisory page more closely.

Is it correct to say, not all Manjaro updates get an Announcement on this forum?

I think it is, obviously. Use Manjaro for a while and you will find it.

Could have been an oversite, never know until you ask :wink:

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