Why was desktop grid view removed from screen edge settings by manjaro?

I found it is still here for kde neon. so I think manjaro removed it, but it can still be activated by meta + g shortcut. but why?

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Nope, Manjaro did not. We take our Plasma packages directly from Arch.

Also, Neon is a moving target, and especially so now that Plasma 6.0 is still under heavy development, with lots of small changes and bugfixes being introduced all of the time. So it’s possible that your version of Neon is already outdated. I have tested the “stable” Neon myself only a few days ago, and it was already outdated by two bugfix releases when I did.


NO! I just downloaded the latest unstable release iso hours ago, as you can see the watermark KDE Plasma 6.1 DEV. Actually, 2m ago, KDE Plasma 6.0 BETA 2 provided the grid view(I got it from ytb). see 00:20 in this video.

Addition: KDE5 provide grid view too, it is not a new feature, manjaro kde 5 offer this too.

Well, then there will still be a difference in versioning and code between the Plasma 6 currently in Manjaro Testing and the one in Neon, even if only because Manjaro Unstable corresponds to Arch Stable, which means that Arch Unstable should be closer to KDE upstream.

Either way, Manjaro did not change any settings in Plasma 6. Like I said, our Plasma packages — and GNOME, and XFCE, and most other software in Manjaro — are literally taken over from Arch Stable, and then go through a process of testing before they reach Manjaro Stable. In other words, we are always a few weeks behind on Arch Stable, and Arch Stable in turn is behind on Arch Unstable.

Someone in Arch forum also reports similar issue, which means, @Aragorn is right.

My stable KDE Neon also doesn’t have it.

And since you use unstable ISO, the chance is that the feature has only been recently (re)added.


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