Why vim not in base kde install?

??vim is a important part of a linux os. there is htop but not vim. doesn’t make any sense

vim is a matter of preference - vi is available


…Says who ?
vi is installed by default … though it is not necessary either.
You can, as with every other package in the repos, easily install vim though if you like.


You can install it whenever you want.

sudo pacman -S vim

I work against remote servers.
On some servers, it is not installed.

By default I always find nano pre-installed.
I’ve gotten used to Vim, because I think it’s safer when editing. But it is a personal appreciation.

Well I’m used to nano and that’s it. However other team members seem to like vi: Update Packages-Root (!74) · Merge requests · Profiles & Settings / iso-profiles · GitLab

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I think micro would be even better for novices.


micro uses standard key bindings.

vi is terrible and does not fit the arrow keys on keyboard.
vim does not support copying to clipboard. (when using :set mouse=a)
gvim is like vim that supports copying to clipboard well. It works as I excepted.

I am using vim (gvim) and micro.

nano version 6 is coming soon.

??not everyone uses vim.

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