Why there are no good open source screen share programs?

For years, the only two programs I know that work fine and let you control your PC from another PC or Android and support audio are RealVNC and SteamLink (I’m speaking about programs on Linux of course, and with local wireless, not network).

It’s impressive how no one made something similar to those two but without having to rely on big companies/closed source software. Some people will tell TigerVNC or VLC… excuse me but those two are garbage, not only they work awful, with delay or graphics glitches, but also don’t support audio or it’s so hard to configure that it’s almost impossible to normal users. I mean is that difficult to have something like SteamLink with a modern protocol, or RealVNC which relies on VNC but with audio?, why isn’t there anything like that yet?.

The features that I’m looking for are:
-Screen share with no more than 1 sec of delay.
-Audio share at the same time
-Input share

Basically what SteamLink does but without having to use Steam or a closed source service.

Is there any software out there that does this with no hard configurations and being open source and free?.

Try nomachine on AUR (en) - nomachine
See https://remmina.org/ as flatpak or snap
This also is free https://www.aeroadmin.com/
Might prefer something that is a bit more functional like http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/anydesk-bin
Or maybe you prefer GitHub - rustdesk/rustdesk: Yet another remote desktop software

Why there is no free and open source software at the level provided by

? Probably the answer is not in the code …

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No Android client?, but it looks good for desktop.

No android support and uses VNC so no audio?.

Uses wine, will have problems for sure, also non free.

I could try this one, do it shares audio too? or only video?. Also, is it for local share? I mean, will it need to connect to some server to use it? or works with local wifi?.

Needs to setup a private server? looks hard, right?.

Edit: I just tried AnyDesk and it relies on network servers, I can’t use it without internet connection, so it’s not what I’m looking for, sadly.

There also is X2go even when somewhat limited.

Asking that on Linux forum?

wow… I’m sorry…

Imagine same question for Symbian OS.