Why manjaro site look like this?

I want to download manjaro xfce but …
see this

This is currently manjaro site.

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McFly is gonna take you back to the future!


Click on the news link…

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Manjaro is 10 years old today, so they are using the Retro site from 2011 as a webpage for fun Manjaro - enjoy the simplicity to come to the current site

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Thanks !

Noticing the “Back to 2021”, i though it was a Back to the future anniversary or something.
Well, only 6 days late.


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And read the last news in the page… he forgot to mention this crucial part.

Wow! We made it 10 years!

What a run! We started Manjaro Linux just 10 years ago. A lot has changed and many things got improved! We are happy to re-release our first two releases of Manjaro once again. Version 0.1 gets re-released just on time 10 years later! As a bonus you may also find our 0.1.1 release and this retro remake of our original homepage we had back in 2011. So lets celebrate 10 years Manjaro with all our friends and our fantastic community! Don’t miss out on our limited Merch we have created for you guys! Also stay tuned for other goodies over the weekend …

Yeah, Sorry I wasn’t clear 🤷 oh well. I was going to do a direct to download page.

The retro thing is cool but the Download page is wrong and will confuse people who want to download Manjaro(like me).

I had to search again to find the proper URL here

The website is changed back now as the 10th year birthday event is not going on anymore

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