Why manjaro needs free space on boot partition for updating?

Hi i recently installed manjaro beside my windows 10 in dual boot mode and it runs very well.
but when i wanted to update the OS and applications with manjaro updater app it downloads the updates but at the installing step it says the the /boot partition doesn’t have enough space.
with this problem i used to remove the the extra old kernels and temporary move efi folder to free up space and the installation of updates happens succesfully.
but now i only have the only one kernel that im using the 5.10 and have nothing to delete .
i have a 500mb boot partiton which have 80 percent free space.
why manjaro needs free space on boot partition for updating?
please help.

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Hello @kiu :wink:

When errors occur, then always add the complete relevant output here, otherwise guessing what happens on your side is sometimes a nightmare.


pamac clean --keep 0 --uninstalled --build-files --verbose --dry-run

remove --dry-run for action.


sudo pacman -Sc

This will remove previously downloaded packages not longer being installed. Check how much space this gives you. Actually, this is not helping if you really have the issue on a separate /boot partition.

Because Manjaro needs room for the kernel and initramfs images and also the bootloader itself on your boot partition.

For instance, every time there is a kernel update, a new kernel image will replace the existing image for that given kernel.

500 MB should be good for a boot partition, unless something else exists there.

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