Why manjaro MINI PCs not shipping to India?


I was planning to buy to new desktop with linux OS, i came across Manjaro MINI PCs, and it does not ship to India, any specific reason for that? or how else can i buy it

you should mail directly to the manjaro-store. usually it’s the problem with customs and shipping that companies do not deliver to certain states. same here in germany. it’s a hassle to order us-products because us-customs is a pain in the ass and companies don’t want to mess with these problems because they are not worth the work.

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Toll is good guess - perhaps there are certain rules in place for a us based company to export to India.

There is a lot of rules in play when you export goods - especially when goods are crossing several borders in the process.

AS @Olli said - it is sometimes not worth the trouble - compared to the bottom line.

Try locating the desired MINI PC or a comparable device using a local distributor. Then install Manjaro onto.



It is not under our control on how the vendor distribute their devices with Manjaro installed.

The best is to email to the vendors support and request them for delivery to your region.

Can you share which device are you looking to buy?

I can check with the vendor.


First Thanks everyone for replying to me :slight_smile:

I want to buy this PC, the adapter matches with UK i guess

The model i am looking for is DeskMini UM350 x Manjaro Linux with 16GB 512GB SSD

Sorry i wasn’t allowed to post link or paste image in this forum

As far as I know India is blocking imports from China for certain goods. This may also include some electronics. The reason is to make Made in India more popular: How China dumps its products in India | Business News This is mostly to avoid to have the really cheap produced products imported into India which hurts their economy.

Products from MinisForum however are produced for the western markets, hence they have to comply with EU and US standards. However it depends on the vendor if the hussle with customs is worth it to try to export their devices to India. We may check with the vendor if there is a chance to send it out to you …


Customs I’d say. I once bought products from China, and they had to be disguised and contained in a large flashlight with the batteries removed in order to be sent - obviously not quite so expensive to risk as a Mini PC.

You know, stuff goes missing. Also, sometimes the customs departments slap ridiculous charges (I can’t order anything from Amazon, for example, without the shipping cost being so massive that it can more than double the cost of the products ordered).

I was lucky to find a private seller, who sent me a Kindle sourced from China, marked as a Mexican product. I bought it for about a third of the price the same product is sold in the country’s shopping Malls. The elites want their cut - and it is a big cut.

The problem in Thailand is, if you aren’t an ‘elite’, you must abide by laws - and the laws suggest you should buy Thai. You know, stainless steel that gets rusty after 2 weeks…

I think India might be similar in terms of corrupt policies.