Why is xorg-twm included by default?

I am using Manjaro KDE, and I found that xorg-twm (Tom’s WM/Tab WM/Timeless WM) was installed by default. It doesn’t appear to be a dependecy, nor does it seem to have ever been run on my system (it would have generated a file at /usr/share/xsessions/twm.desktop), and Kwin is already the default window manager. I am curious, what is the reason for it being included by default? Do I need it? For reference, my system was built from the 21.3 Ruah ISO.

I have it installed by default on my xfce installation. It is not installed on my EndeavourOS and Arch virtual machines. It looks like you can remove it without any consequence, but it is less than 200kb installed .

You certainly don’t need it.
It is a quite ancient window manager - was included as default (probably more as an example config) since time began.
Someone overlooked to remove it.


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