Why is xcursor-breeze so out of date in Manjaro repos?

In the AUR, xcursor-breeze has version 5.22.5. But in the Manjaro repos, it is still at version 5.11.5. Why?

Hi @mazharhussain, and welcome!

When searching for the xcursor-breeze package, I see one in the AUR and one in the community repository:

$ pamac search xcursor-breeze
xcursor-breeze                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1:5.22.5-1    AUR
KDE Plasma 5 'Breeze' cursor theme. This package is for usage in non-KDE Plasma desktops.
xcursor-breeze                                                                                                                                                                                                                      5.11.5-1      community
KDE5 cursor theme

And, indeed, there seems to be a big difference in versions.

The reason for that is because:

  1. They have different maintainers; and
  2. while both the AUR and the community repository’s will probably work, only the repository’s is packaged, and thus tested, specifically for Manjaro. Packages in the community repository is also packaged and maintained by the community. For the love of it. Not by the Manjaro Team specifically. If the community repository package’s maintainer also happens to be part of the Manjaro Team, that’s actually just coincidence, but the package is still maintained in the package maintainer’s free time, for the love of it.

Hope this explains it.

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It seems KDE releases a new version of the package for each Plasma update, though that doesn’t necessarily mean the content is actually different.

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Hi @mazharhussain ,
Welcome to the forum, the package was updated today.

Hope it help, regards

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