Why is Wayland is not enabled by default?

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Why Wayland is not enable by default in the Manjaro KDE version ? Manjaro KDE has Xorg as default, why ?

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how much time are you use Wayland? Did you experienced almost no issues? Does Wayland was almost absolutely stable for you for last several months?

A couple of months ago I experienced issues with desktop icons were not updated, right click menu in notification area has about 90-95% probability to be registered and actually opened context menu in apps there. Some else issues.
I used it for about a week and switched back.

I have iGPU. Do you think dGPU could be more stable on Wayland?

Perhaps need to vote. I think Manjaro team can easily start it like
“For how much time do you experience with Wayland recently?”
“How stable did you experienced is it?”
or something like that.

Short and sweet, because wayland is still too experimental and too buggy. X11 has its issues, but it’s reliable and time-proven.


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