Why is Virtualbox 6.1.32 not found by Manjaro but EndeavourOS finds it, in community repository

Stupid question from newbie subject says it all.
…Any ideas ?

Have you updated your mirrors? At least in testing branch its version is already 6.1.32-1. In stable branch it’s 6.1.30-3. See branch compare.

Manjaro’s update cycle is different to Arch and depend on your branch and EndeavorOS is very close to Arch. If you want to get closer to Arch when using Manjaro you can change to unstable branch. If you are in stable just wait to next update cycle, see #announcements.

How to change branch:


Because EndeavourOS isn’t Manjaro?


It is in testing. Next stable release will bring it to repository.
Check [Testing Update] 2022-01-24 - OpenSearch, Kernels, VirtualBox, Systemd, Firefox, Linux-Firmware

Thanks guys, switching to unstable worked for me. (I only installed Virtualbox as I feel comfortable with Oracle and their release process.) Switched back to stable after installing and testing my virtual machines.

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