Why is Thunderbird on stable branch still on version 91?

I just now noticed that Thunderbird is still on version 91 in the stable branch, but I read an announcement of Thunderbird 102. Why is this?

It is odd because Firefox is already on version 102 on the stable branch.

We source the Thunderbird package directly from Arch Linux, which is also still using version 91. As such, we’ll only get the newer a newer version when Arch switches over.

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pacman -Si thunderbird

Look at Packager name. It’s what is in Arch. Remember, packagers have a life too. If you need something desperately right now, no one is stopping you to modify PKGBUILD and build latest and greatest package yourself.

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I just asked to know if there was any special reason for this. It is the first time I saw this. Most of the time arch repositories are fairly on top of the developers version.

Maybe this a normal phenomenon and I started thinking it had some reason to be.

Ok. But there is someone asking “Package X is version Y, why we stil have Y-1?” every week. If you can’t find any reason via google or by other means, then packager probably has something else to do in his life. Also, it’s summer.

Most is not always.


It was the first time I noticed this and because it was so much behind I thought there was a reason.

This was already impatiently requested. My answer:


This has nothing to do with the maintainer or package, it is not released as an update from 91.* from Mozilla itself: releasenotes

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So my question was warranted after all. Thank you @GhostMutt.

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I did say:

As in “if there is no other obvious reason mentioned anywhere”.

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