Why is this happening? Alacritty scaling issues despite same config file [HiDPI display scaled down to 1920x1080]

Manjaro Gnome fully updated
Dell XPS 9350 with HiDPI display (scaled down to 1920x1080)
Alacritty - terminal emulator both windows have same config file, have run alacritty from URXVT specifically invoking the same config file.

The two separate windows appear to have different GUI scaling. Alacritty uses the GPU in a different way then a standard terminal emulator, I don’t quite understand how. I have noticed what I think are HiDPI scaling issues though with other apps in the past. I’m trying to post a screenshot but can’t

Not entirely sure about your terminal thing … but…

I just want to mention that using a forced ‘smaller resolution’ is probably not the way you want to go.
You will probably get better results from the correct/full resolution and then using yours DE (Gnome) desktop scaling feature (ex: 2x scale) and/or DPI configurations.

I tried enabling fractional scaling, the 2x default blows because title bars on firefox for instance are GIGANTIC I feel like I’m a 70 yr old man with a jitterbug everything is so magnified. I did just start using a mod that gets rid of the title bar so maybe I’ll try scaling up again. Any other ideas?

Well then leave the scaling, and use DPI, or use a combination, or …
I dont know for sure, because I avoid Gnome.
But look here:
And maybe here?: