Why is there a mail.manjaro.o:www-http connection awaiting?

So, under netstat -t -u, I get a TIME-WAIT connection for mail.manjaro.o:www-http;

I haven’t configured any mailbox, nor I have visited this website, and the connection seems to open up at random. Also, the “www-http” part gets highlighted whenever I move my cursor on top of it.

What is it supposed to mean?

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The answer you’ve provided doesn’t seem to answer my question, as for why the connection would be there to begin with. As I had stated, I’m not running any mailbox client or anything of that kind, whereas the thread you’ve linked had been answered by saying the revdns shows the wrong IP address translation.

If you look up the ip of manjaro.org and then look up the reverse dns of that ip, it gets translated to mail.manjaro.org.

I still don’t quite understand why the connection would appear under netstat. I haven’t got “manjaro.org” as my homepage, nor have I visited it.

Also, do note it’s not a https connection, but rather, a “www-http” connection.

Frankly, it just raises a question as of why would it be the only case the addresses are translated “wrong”.

Network Manager tries to connect to ping.manjaro.org [which shares the IP address with mail.manjaro.org] on port 80 to determine if you have a working Internet connection. The “www-http” part just means port 80.

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And NetworkManager connectivity check

$ cat /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/20-connectivity.conf 

Search the forum - there is a lot of posts on that specific topic

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