Why is there a /home/root directory in /home?

Apparently I just noticed my nearly one-year-old desktop has a /root directory located in /home in addition to the normal /usr directory. ls -la shows that the directory is owned by root and was created BEFORE I installed the system, and hasn’t been modified since the day after I installed Manjaro. the contents of this /home/root folder appear to be mostly empty: It contains a large chain folders that seem to be related to gnome’s hicolor theme but they all ultimately end in empty directories:
Screenshot from 2021-04-17 21-48-40
I want to ask why I have such a directory on my system, and whether or not it is safe to delete this /home/root directory.

The home directory for the root user is /root not /home/root. I’m not sure why that directory would exist.

Do you think it is safe to delete it though?

Yes, it is safe to remove that. That issue is already old, and was caused by a misconfigured package.


By “misconfigured package” you mean hardcode-fixer?

Possibly ─ I do not remember.

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