Why is the rendering of HelveticaNeue font (regular) so bad?

Here’s a screenshot:

Bold, italic, thin and bold-italic look good, but regular looks terrible, and IDK why.

I’m using Manjaro 21.3.7 Ruah, with Plasma 5.24.6, the screenshot is LibreOffice 30(Build:2). Font was downloaded from here I think.

EDIT: I think I “found” one error, which is: regular/normal and light/fine/clara are mixed up. In the screenshot, it is supposed to be showing the regular version but it’s showing a fine/light one instead and viceversa.

I also followed the post “Improve Font Rendering - Manjaro”, but I’m still having the rendering issue for the lighter version.

There are two Helvetica Neue fonts available if you install the package otf-helvetica-neue from AUR. In LibreOffice, for example, the difference between these two is Helvetica Neue, which renders fine as regular, and HelveticaNeue which is very thin as regular. Here are the two screenshots:

If you go to font management in system settings (if you use KDE) you’ll see the second one only as thin available.

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